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My lack of posts is not due to a lack of ideas.

It's due to a lack of interest, really. I'm REALLY grateful to my watchers. But sadly, when I spend a week or more on an update and the only views I get are from the people who clicked from the front page, it's hard to stay motivated.

I remember discussing this with a friend, a while back. Basically, I know some of the twists I plan to take, and I know they'd be awesome. Every time I think of them, I giggle inside. However, with no one to share them with, it seems pointless to spend weeks or months getting to those twists. If I'm the only one actually reading the comic, then I'm the only one who'll enjoy it anyway.


Let's try this, because I don't want to give up on the comic. I'm going to give some hints about what's going to happen and what I'm going to write.

First and foremost, what will quickly become apparent is that this story is not concurrent with other Nuzlockes. It takes places at least a decade previous.
-This means that most gym leaders either are not yet in power, are in training, or have yet to be born!

The Pokemon world is Earth in the future. You've seen the stories and you've read the theories. I intend to make it real.

The main characters have been sheltered their lives, and while they have managed to figure out quite a great deal about the outside world thanks to their snooping endeavors, they do not know the real challenges that a post-apocalyptic world holds. Sure, this is nothing new, but their ignorance leads one of them to make a dangerous choice in his quest for power.

Much can change in a decade... and in this world, there are no rules that constrain the trainers of Ketchum's age. Let me put it this way: dead Pokemon is one thing. Dead trainers is quite another.


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I'm... well, I'm pretty much all over the place. I read alot and I used to write all the time (but not as much anymore). I came across the Nuzlockes a few months back and I'm fairly obsessed with them. I have an idea for one that I've started a comic for, but I need to find one of my 1st or 2nd Gen games to play... I'm extremely creative (to the brink of insanity) and I like things that set new levels of epicness. So when my Challenge comes online, be prepared.


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